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Rhinopias FrondosaCelrebral Structures

Release date : Monday 27th August 2012

WAV 320khz
- Encrypted download -

1. NuCm4-Nud2
2. Espaler
3. Entering Central Microprocessor
4. Scoptophillia

Featuring 4 tracks of futuristic, forward thinking Electro, which aims
to develop a thriving scene, by expanding the rigidity of the
rules it so fervently adheres to. Across the 4 tracks the subject is treated to
layered, modular tonal structures and darkly melodic flourishes and juxtaposed
alongside taut, complex rhythmic dynamics. These elements are combined to
create an experience which inhabits the listener cerebrally, leaving indelible
impressions whilst revealing sonic intricacies within the tight percussive grooves.

Biog: Info_Cifon aka The Interrogator: Electro producer & metamorphic infomation
syphoning humanoid - Configuration: Data extraction & dissemination
Resources: Tonal interrogation & electro biochip installation
Languages: Welsh, English, Binary, elements of other global dialects.

Contact: cifon@rewirethefuture.com

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