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Inhuman Designed -Ancient evil

Ancient Evil
Inhuman Designed

We encountered an alien life form. They have taken over the bodies of the crew.
The colony was lost, my team is dead. It is my belief that the artifact that we discovered on the surface is somehow responsible.
If you find this recording the artifact must be destroyed.

1. Ancient Evil - Inhuman Designed Original
2. Ancient Evil - The Hidden Persuader Remix
3. Ancient Evil - Freak Force Crew Remix
4. Ancient Evil - Siak Remix
5. Ancient Evil - Ghostlight Remix

Release date : Friday 13th September 2013

WAV 320khz
- Encrypted download -

Review by Nexus6

Six months after his highly recommended "Conversion EP" on Dynamix II Music / Fragile Recordings, Cory Hernandez aka DJ Proliferation, returns to Cardiff based label Access Tonal Communications to sign under his InHuman Designed artistic moniker another feverish release of his trademark.

In the perfect prolongation of his latest outings on CHP Recordings, Divine Disorder Records or Mars Frequency Records, fresh "Ancient Evil" hits hard, offering the right amount of Bass testosterone and uncompromising Industrial Electro sound you would expect from the US artist. The digital pack\ opens with the title track, a damn loud Electrocore candy in Code Rising vein combining sharp programming, intelligent construction, merciless rhythm, hopeless Sci-Fi synth strings and cinematic lyrics ("The Artifact Must Be Destroyed").

ID's sound is impressively textured with rich electric tones over tense atmospheres. Cory has always highlighted the black, shadowy side of the dancefloor, and this top notch cut is no different. The tune comes with four insane remixes: Franco D. and Richard Williamson of Freak Force Crew (Debonaire Records, Kaleidoscope Music Digital) turn the original into a dark, yet moody Miami Bass affair thanks to a punchy bassline that melts with deep melodies and heading lyrics. Ace! Ghostlight coming next goes on with a harder version in Cryotron devil style. Dealing with aliens, this mighty remix combines nasty 808 drums to dark industrial layers while insidious lyrics complete to frighten the listener. One of the EP climax!

Hailing from Salt Lake City, US, Electro / Techno producer SIAK (Black Montanas, Black Leather Records) follows instantly to offer a groovy break. His brilliant downtempo rework merges up bubbling sounds and contemporary influences, introducing an exception to the harsh Electro rule of the pack. Finally, going back to the dancefloor, ACT mastermind The Hidden Persuader (Bass4Bots, Shameless Toady) concludes the EP with a futuristic reconstruction made of naughty sequences, and a haunting Miami Electro Bass rhythm in the background. Huge!

Combination of styles from gloomy brooding beats to more compelling tempos, vital "Ancient Evil E.P." is part of 4 exciting outputs coming out from Access Tonal Communications soon. We already can't wait for the next releases! Get this September 13th, on Digital, wherever you buy music.

Ancient Evil - Inhuman DesignedjQuery Video Gallery by v2.5

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